Steph's story

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   In the 80’s & 90’s, I published a local newsletter for Christian stay-at-home moms that evolved into a non-profit organization. By the 2000’s I was in demand as a web content writer, working for the discounted rate of $50/hr. Even so, I was totally unprepared when the recession of 2009 drove most of my clients - freelance website developers - back to the security of working for a large corporation. The recession left me so broke that it was a blessing to be allowed to move in with my parents, again. 

    Returning to college at the age of 57 was my attempt to make myself ‘recession proof’. I wanted a Bachelor’s degree, something most of my former clients possessed. I had put off finishing the last 2 years of a 5 year degree in Architecture to elope with my future ex-husband in 1982. But, God had a different plan. I didn’t complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Communications, either. Instead, He used every essay I wrote that year, whether it was for a Marketing class or a College Writing course, to give me step by step instructions for founding the CWC. He also used my best friend, Mrs. Naomi Walker, to proofread all of those essays and everything else I wrote.  I could always depend on Mrs. Walker to proofread anything I needed help with regardless of what time I called requesting help.  Her enthusiasm and encouragement helped me to persevere through the next 3 years as I struggled to make the CWC a reality.

  On October 8, 2019, Mrs. Walker died on my 61st birthday. I was flooded with emotions, including being grateful that I'd never forget the day she was born into Heaven, as I often forgot her physical birthday. Also, I saw for the first time the crystal clear path for successfully launching this business that her deathless prayers and ceaseless encouragement had paved. This plan even includes a cutting edge digital marketing technique capable of helping this business to grow more rapidly than traditional marketing methods. 

    It’s now clear to me that God has designed this business to help its 100 owners/writers to earn a significant income working just 10-15 hours per week so that they’ll have both the time and the money needed to launch and/or expand their God-given dream business or non-profit organization.  

   If you’re a Christian writer with a dream, or you know someone of any age that fits this description, the first step to applying for CWC membership is to write your testimony in 500-750 words and then email it to me. You can use our CONTACT US form to do this. 

    December 26, 2019, was the last day for our FREE "How to Write Your Testimony" Webinars. You can also use our CONTACT US form to request a recording and/or the revival of these FREE WEBINARS. Currently, I'm praying and waiting on the Lord for His plans for the CWC in 2020. CLICK ON THIS LINK to read my December 27, 2019 UPDATE.