new! associate membership


We’re excited by every 500-750 word testimony submitted to the CWC by someone that wants to become a member. Taking the time to write about your relationship with Jesus automatically reveals a heart anxious to serve Him. However, a person’s written testimony can also reveal a need for further development of their spiritual life and/or writing skills.

The purpose of Associate Membership is to give people that are young chronologically and/or spiritually, the time, tools, and discipleship, they need to mature in Christ and as a writer.

The application process for both Associate and Standard Membership starts when a person submits their 500-750 word testimony. If we decide that someone’s testimony makes them a great candidate for Associate Membership, they will be offered the opportunity to be paired with an older writer to serve as their mentor.

Some important differences between a Standard Membership and an Associate Membership include:

  • 1. Associate Members (AM) will be admitted to the CWC for one year free of the initial Membership Fee
  • 2. An AM's return on investment (ROI) will be half of the 1% Standard Members will receive. The other half will be paid to the Standard Member that serves as they’re mentor
  • 3. After one year as an Associate Member, it will be the CWC’s option to...

                    a. Offer the individual one year as a Standard Member

                    b. Renew their membership as an Associate for 1 to 12 months

                    c. End the Associate’s Membership and legal relationship to the CWC

In addition to making it possible for Associate Members to join the CWC free of charge, this 2nd type of membership makes it possible for Standard Members to earn 1.5% of CWC profits each year by spending a reasonable amount of time helping an Associate Member to mature spiritually and as a writer.  

If you have any questions or comments about these new membership opportunities, please share them using our CONTACT US form. Thank you!