membership faq

1. How do I become a member of the CWC? 

  • a.  Writing your Christian testimony using 500-750 words and emailing it to us using our CONTACT US form, is the first step toward becoming a member of the CWC. If you need help writing it, we’d suggest a web search or using our CONTACT US form to request a recording and/or the revival of our “How To Write Your Testimony” FREE Webinar. You can also CLICK HERE to see the testimony of our founder , Stephanie Reynolds, as a SAMPLE TESTIMONY.
  • b. We’ll acknowledge receipt of your testimony within 48 hours. If your testimony is written well enough to qualify you for membership, we’ll send you an email containing the CWC membership application form and the current annual membership fee schedule. 
  • c. Sign & return your completed membership form and we’ll get back to you within another 48 hours. 
  • d. Only after you’ve had the chance to decide whether or not membership in the CWC is right for you, and vice versa, will you be asked to submit the initial membership fee to complete the enrollment process. Detailed instructions for making this payment online or by snail mail will be provided at that time. 

2. How much does membership cost?

 As mentioned in the Question 1, specific information about the initial enrollment fee and the annual membership fee schedule will be sent to those writers that the CWC invites to become members based upon our review of the 500-750 word testimony they’ve submitted. Anyone submitting their testimony by December 31, 2019, will be offered a 50% discount on their initial membership fee if they’re invited to join. This special pricing incentive is being offered to help us to meet our goal of recruiting all 100 members/writers by the end of 2019 in order to meet our goal of publishing our first book by April 10, 2020.  

3. Why do I have to attend a webinar to find out how much it costs to become a member?

Just as you wouldn’t discuss your family’s finances with everyone, this co-op is a family of business owners that will exercise discernment by limiting its discussion of finances with members and those invited to become members. Please see the answer to Question 2, above, for the exception being made through the end of 2019 to help us quickly recruit our first 100 member/owners.   

4. Potential earnings from the publication and sale of 10-12 books each year, could amount to a large amount of money even after it’s divided among 100 members/owners. How will this be handled?

Because our top priority will be to “Seek first the kingdom of God…”(Matthew 6:33) we will hire financial consultants (bookkeeper, CPA, etc.) to help manage the CWC’s finances scripturally and professionally. Toward this end, the leadership of the CWC will seek and follow the principles of Christ-centered, bible-based financial ministries, such as We will also do what we can to facilitate our owner/member’s pursuit of Christ-centered, biblically-based operation of their individual businesses, too.  

5. I’m not a writer, but I’d love to help the CWC. What can I do to help?

  • a. First, please know that we are so grateful for your offer to help! Because we want to do God’s Will, His way, and in His timing, we appreciate your prayers more than anything. You can pray on your own or join our Prayer Conference Call at 7:15 AM CST, every Thursday. CLICK HERE for more information. Thanks in advance for your prayers!
  • b.  We’d also appreciate your help spreading the word about the CWC. While our last  “How to Write Your Testimony” FREE Webinar in 2019 was December 26th, we plan to start or restart offering a FREE Webinar of some kind in 2020. Please check back to this FAQ after January 1, 2020 for an update here or somewhere else on this website. Thanks!  
  • c. Finally, our founder, Stephanie Reynolds, is available to speak at like-minded churches, church ministries, para-ministries, and Christian groups. Please make speaking requests as far in advance as possible, even if only tentative information is available. You can you use our CONTACT US form for this purpose. Again, we thank you for your help spreading the word about the business/ministry of the CWC.

Thanks so  much for your interest in the CWC. Feel free to use our CONTACT US form to ask any other questions you may have. Your comments are greatly appreciated, too. Most of all, we hope you’ll join us our Prayer Conference Call on Thursdays at 7:15 AM CST, so that we can continuously seek God’s Will for this business/ministry. CLICK HERE for details

To God be the glory!