membership benefits

The Christian Writers Cooperative was designed to benefit its members. Here's how...


Organized as a cooperative, the CWC is legally defined as a business owned and operated by the people who use its services. This means each of this co-op’s 100 members will be a business owner that will share the work and expense of producing 10-12 books per year in order to receive the benefit of a 1% share of the co-op’s profits. This is what that means to each owner as an individual:

MINIMAL START-UP & OPERATING COSTS: Divided among 100 members, your costs to begin a publishing business that features a story written by you in 10-12 books each year, is only 1% of what such an ambitious start-up would normally cost.

MAXIMIZED POTENTIAL EARNINGS: Multiplying the efforts of each individual owner by 100 co-op members also gives us far more start-up capital and earning potential than we’d have working alone.

ONLY 10-15 HOURS OF WORK EACH WEEK: Divided among 100 members, your workload will be a fraction of what it would take for you to publish 10-12 books each year if you were working alone. (See our infographic for more details.)

OUR BOTTOM LINE IS TO OBEY GOD IN ALL THINGS (Deuteronomy 11:1 ): The most important reason to join the CWC is because you want to do what the Lord has called you to do, not just to make a lot of money. Since 2020 will be the first year of operation for the CWC, our estimates about how many hours each member will need to work and how much money each member might earn, are speculations. However, they are based upon the 26 year track record of the bestselling inspirational book series in the world. That series have been publishing 10-12 books per year since 1993 with average sales of 20 million books each year.   

If the CWC sells 1 million books in 2020, that’s about $50,000 gross for each member. Again, this is a speculation, but that’s $64-$96/hr for 10-15 hours of work each week. While I’ve gotten close as a freelance commercial writer, I’ve never even made $64/hr. When I was making $60/hr, I wasn’t earning $50,000 a year because, as a sole proprietor wearing many hats, and with sometimes ‘challenging’ customers, I found myself giving away far more of my time than I was getting paid for. 


  • Working from the comfort of your own home. Most of our business operations & meetings will be conducted online
  • The fellowship and prayer support of working with other Christians
  • Having both the time and the money to make your God-given dream a reality   

If you believe you're one of the 100 Jesus has called to this business/ministry,  you can start the application process by using our CONTACT US form to submit your 500-750 word testimony. 

As I've mentioned on other pages, December 26, 2019, was the last day for our FREE "How to Write Your Testimony" Webinars. You can also use our CONTACT US form to request a recording and/or the revival of these FREE WEBINARS. I'm also praying and waiting on the Lord to reveal His plans for the CWC in 2020. CLICK ON THIS LINK to read my December 27, 2019 UPDATE.