100 Christian Writers...with a Dream

Hi, I'm Stephanie. My dream is to publish Christian books that entertain, engage, & evangelize.

I believe that the first step toward making my God-given dream come true is to found a cooperative of 100 Christian writers that will write, publish & promote 10-12 books each year. Initially, the Christian Writers Cooperative (CWC) will prayerfully and aggressively pursue annual sales equal to those of the book series with the best name recognition in the world. Since 1993, this series has averaged 20 million books sold, every year. The CWC's ultimate goal is to exceed the annual sales average of this series, allowing us to abundantly fund the God-given dream of each of our 100 writers/owners.  


Would you be willing to help me make this dream come true by April 2020?


submit your testimony today!


CLICK HERE to read my testimony as an example before submitting yours

CLICK HERE or on the button below to be taken to the application on Google Forms


12 books per year...easy!

Many hands make light work.

 Below is a link to the CWC's 2019 Membership Application on Google Forms. Please complete & submit it as soon as possible. The sooner we reach 100 qualified members, the sooner we can all start to earning the money needed to fund our God-given  dreams! THANKS!

Feel free to use our CONTACT US form for any questions or comments you might have.  

CLICK HERE for the 2019 Christian Writers Cooperative's Membership Application.

(*Please track how long it takes you to write your testimony for this application. This will help us all to more accurately predict how much time it will take us to produce each book, individually and collectively. Thanks!)  

Here's how...


     1. A few minutes before 7:15 AM, dial 

         (605) 472-5378 for our

     2. Enter our Access Code, 233650, when prompted.

     3. That’s it! Our founder, Stephanie Reynolds, will 

         greet everyone & lead the group in prayer. Feel free to share your prayer requests for Thursday mornings by using our CONTACT US form. 


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