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welcome to the CWC's website & Read Our Founder's Story

Hi, I'm Stephanie.

      When people ask what motivated me to launch this ministry, the death of my best friend, Mrs. Naomi Walker, on my birthday, immediately comes to mind. But, Mrs.  Walker's help and the Lord's faithful preparation of me for this ministry had begun long before October 8, 2019, my 61st birthday. Here's the rest of the story...

       I'm so grateful and give God all the glory for using me to found the Christian Writers Cooperative (CWC.) My passion for writing began even before that first creative writing course I took in high school, over 40 years ago, and before I received Jesus as my Savior on April 10, 1983. 

     I was 4 months pregnant and unhappily married on the day I was saved. When my son was 11 months old, his father and I began the process of divorcing. That’s when writing became my therapy, my way of worshiping the Lord and my method of earning a living.

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our top 3 priorities for 2020

UPDATE: Good Friday - 4/10/2020

Recruit 100 Writers by 5/31/2020

UPDATE: Good Friday - 4/10/2020

Last October, when I made 4/10/2020, the goal date for publishing the Christian Writers Cooperative’s (CWC) first book of its Jesus Can… series, I didn’t realize today was Good Friday. I selected it because today is my 37th spiritual birthday. On April 10, 1983, I received the gift of God's Holy Spirit when I asked  Jesus Christ to come into my heart and change me. You can read more about 4/10/1983 in my testimony  and Steph's Story

Had we achieved the goal I had set for today, it would have been one of 100 testimonies featured in the Christian Writers Cooperative’s first book. That book would have been appropriately titled, Jesus Can...Give You A New Life! 

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There's only 2 Simple Steps:

Recruit 100 Writers by 5/31/2020

UPDATE: Good Friday - 4/10/2020

    1. Just before 7:15 AM,

       dial (605) 472-5378. 

    2. Enter Access Code: 233650

That’s it! Our founder, Stephanie Reynolds, will welcome everyone & lead the group in prayer. Feel free to share your prayer requests for Thursday, May 21, 2020 by using our CONTACT US form. 


Our city, our county, and our world, are in need of the help that only Jesus can provide during this Coronavirus crisis. Let's ask Him for His help on Thursday.  -Stephanie

Recruit 100 Writers by 5/31/2020

Recruit 100 Writers by 5/31/2020

Recruit 100 Writers by 5/31/2020

This is essential to meet our goal of publishing our 1st book of the 2020-2021 season by October 8, 2020. Four months is the absolute minimum amount of time a publishing consultant has suggested we allow for turning the testimonies of our inaugural group of 100 Christian writers into professionally published paperback books. 

As I mention in the closing paragraphs of “Steph’s Story,”

“It’s now clear to me that God has designed this business to help its 100 owners/writers to earn a significant income working just 10-15 hours per week so that they’ll have both the time and the money needed to launch and/or expand their God-given dream business or non-profit organization.   

  If you’re a Christian writer with a dream, or you know someone of any age that fits this description, the first step to applying for CWC membership is to write your testimony in 500-750 words and then email it to me. You can use our CONTACT US form to do so."

HURRY! join THE CWC by May 31, 2020 to save 45%!


If you’re like me, finances have been a challenge much of your Christian life. The Coronavirus Pandemic has only made matters worse for many Americans and so many other people around the world. 

I understand why the first question most writers ask about the Christian Writers Cooperative (CWC) is, “How much does membership cost?” In response to this question and worldwide hard times created by the Coronavirus crisis, we're introducing the 45% OFF for 45 DAYS SPECIAL OFFER. April 16th through May 31, 2020, we’ve reduced the Initial Membership Fee (IMF) from $1000 to $550. 

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How We'll Cooperatively Produce 10-12 Books each year


Take a closer look at the inforgraphic, below...

OVERVIEW:  The infographic shows how we plan to divide WRITING, PUBLISHING, and MARKETING tasks among 100 writers over 4 weeks. 


WRITING: Our first book, Jesus Can...Give You A New Life! is currently scheduled for release in October 2020. It will contain the testimonies of each of our inaugural group of 100 member/writers. While testimonies must be 500-750 words to apply for membership, each writer will typically contribute an article of 300 to 1000 words for each book. This will result in a finished book of about 180-240 pages, the standard length for trade size paperback books.

We're estimating that it will take each member/writer 10-15 hours during Week 1 to draft their article. During Week 2, under WRITING (blue ellipses on the infographic,) the writers will be paired to edit and proofread each other's article. We're estimating 10-15 hours for this week's work, also. 

PUBLISHING: The long list under HIRE PROFESSIONALS (green ellipses on infographic) clearly explains why this is the CWC's greatest expense. But, as a co-op with 100 member/owners, each writer will only need to contribute 1% of this monthly cost to receive 1% of monthly profits, as well. This is a huge savings over the 100% of expenses that someone in business alone would have to pay. 

A portion of your Initial Membership Fee (IMF) will be used to cover the cost of publishing the first book in our Jesus Can... series. After that, monthly dues will be paid from your portion of the profits. No profits = no monthly dues. It also means that the more profit income each member receives, the more they'll pay in monthly dues. Rather than go into a detailed explanation of how the CWC plans handle its finances, please use our CONTACT US form to submit any specific questions you may have. 

MARKETING: I'm so excited about the cutting edge digital marketing tools that the CWC plans to use to sell our books. I feel extraordinarily blessed that the Lord has already put the right people in place to meet all of our needs for professional services. From a brilliant digital marketing consultant to a publisher whose life exemplifies that obeying God's will is her top priority - He's a great God that's lead me to highly effective people. Thank you for ordering my steps, Jesus. 

AN IMPORTANT ELEMENT THAT'S NOT ON THE INFOGRAPHIC - FAITH: It may sound cliche' or even a little self-serving at this stage of our launch, but deciding to become a member of CWC requires faith. While looking at our infographic, below, ask yourself these questions: Do you believe…

  1. ...that’s it possible to produce 10-12 books per year this way?
  2. ...that it’s possible for the CWC to match and then exceed the annual average of 20 million books that have been sold by a well known book series since 1993 that also publishes 10-12 books each year?
  3. ...that God has gifted you as a writer and called you to join the CWC in order to fund the dream business or idea that He’s given to you?

Once again, the first priority of the CWC is to obey God’s Will, for His glory. We're looking for 100 people that answered YES to all 3 of the questions, above, and desire to obey God’s call on their life, too. If this describes you, I hope you’ll take the first step toward becoming a member by submitting your 500-750 word testimony today.


12 books per year...easy!

ideas for other 2020 book titles


Jesus Can...

...Heal Your Hurts

...Show You the Truth That Sets You Free

...Restore Your Broken Relationships

...Make Your God-given Dreams A Reality

...Help You to Handle Money A Better Way: His Way

...Do Anything But Fail

...Help You Have Victory Over Addiction

If you have ideas for books titles you'd like to see, feel free to use our  CONTACT US form to submit them. Better yet, consider becoming a member of CWC so that an article written by you will appear in each of the 10-12 books we plan to cooperatively write, edit, publish, and promote in 2020-2021.